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The 2nd motor blew up in October of 2006 and that was all she wrote for Bri's Brd.

Bri's Brd is my 1990 Pontiac Sunbird. It is metallic blue and is mechanically pretty much the way it came from the dealer... now.  Here is some info about it performance wise:  

Engine:    2.0 I4

Transmission:    3 speed auto

FWD, power steering
Power brakes: front discs - rear drums

click here to check out the (as of Dec 15, 2000) newly updated


I  have done a little to spruce it up... actually I have mostly just added stuff that I find at the parts store or junk yard and think to myself, "hmm, that would be nice and easy to install."
Some of the things I have added are:



  • 16 in. Quantum Tek S08 alloy rims
  • Falken low profile tires
  • strut tower bar from Z-24
  • blue license plate fasteners
  • Ventvisors
  • blue license plate light bulb
  • "Cool Blue" ion headlights
  • fog lights
    custom-made decals
    w/ matching pinstripes
  •  35% tint all around



  • bucket seats from a Cavalier
  • CD changer in glove box
  • blue leather lining glove box
  • blue sport pedal covers
  • anodized blue shift knob
  • dome light cover
  • blue neon light behind dash
  • armrest console
  • matching pinstripes on glove box
    and on doors
  • Impala emblem attached to center console



  • rock guards

  • slits in mirrors
  • antenna
  • body seam
  • brake drums
  • air cleaner
  • center strip in molding

  • driver's side dash
  • stereo console/ash tray
  • shifter console
  • needle caps
  • door strip
  • lock indicators
  • vent flaps
  • defrost vent covers
  • door handle / window crank centers 
  • mirrors
  • wiper arms
  • moldings
  • door handles
  • locks
  • A-pillars
  • lettering
    (black raised parts with blue background)


click to view each

Kenwood bass tube

Pioneer CD player

Rockford Fosgate 3s

Kenwood 6x9s

Clarion 6x9s

Kenwood Amp

When I said I have done a little to SPRUCE it up,
this isn't exactly what I meant....
On Monday September 6th 1999. I woke up to a call from campus security telling me that a tree limb had fallen on my car over night. I assumed the worst but I was fairly lucky. No major structural damage. But it is an eye-sore... for me anyway.  Hopefully I will find a fiberglass grille to replace mine at a junk yard sometime soon.

I  have this whole blue thing going with it if you haven't noticed, 
some might call me obsessed...
<looks around, whistles>

Bri's Brd vs. The Man

Times pulled over: 5 (since 1996)    Tickets: 4    Total Fines paid: $201 (3 tickets)

--I  had a tinted rear license plate cover but I got pulled over and ticketed for it, which I feel is stupid. I mean, if the state won't make not wearing seatbelts an offense that the police can pull you over for, why can a license plate cover be a reason to pull you over? Who am I going to hurt with that?
$60 for a $2 cover...

--Equipment ticket number two, $60 for tinted headlight covers.  On during a bright and sunny morning.  I had them on when I was ticketed for my license plate cover and nothing was said.  If one uses headlight covers responsibly, they pose no threat to anyone.  I  fought it in court and I won, thank you.

This would be your review mirror at night if I were behind you
(except now with yellow fogs) -- scary, huh?  HUH!?  Yeah...

(If you are wondering what the background is,
the black stripes are the molding on the sides of my Brd.)

Bri's Brd isn't brand new you know. In fact, it turned 100,000 miles on December 18th, 1998. I took a picture of the odometer just as it turned over. I always think it's neat to see this stuff, so I figured someone else would be interested too. It isn't very good, I used a Funsaver camera, so you'll have to trust me. So if you are interested or have a really deep desire to see my knee, click here. (or there)

The Passengers

The guys that always ride with me.

These guys go with me where ever I go. Sometimes I have to move them, but they never leave the car.  I've had the Noid since he was used in Domino's ads. 
Scooter has been around since I was REALLY little, I mean we're talking like one or two years old. I  found him and decided he had to do ride-alongs.

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