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In the interest of using all the old pictures I have, I bring you a reverse history of the evolution of my car.  The keen observer will note differences right away, the rest of you can just stare happily at the screen as always simply to appease me.  I am starting with the latest updates of my Brd and ending with the first pictures I had on this site, way back when.  Enjoy.


These next ones are prior to the Quantum Tek wheels.  Not that long ago, the only major difference is the wheel change.  Oh, and on the wheel below, I replaced the lug nut caps. :-)

This is how it looked with the bra on, those of you who have been
loyal to my site or to my car know ALL about it.

While at Lynchburg I took these shots to show off the new tint, rock guards, and molding.

WAY back in the day, my freshman year of college I made a small site for the Brd showing the flat Pontiac logo mud flaps (with the little arrowhead painted red), new ventvisors, fog lights, and an array of stickers on the back.

and stuff

Soon to come, pictures of the interior as it came along.

Other Pictures

This is a shot of me getting spanked at 
my first drag race (at a track - that is).
In my defense, I stopped on a wet spot, so my tires broke loose.

Here's a shot of everyone 
 on the last morning of the 
Pigeon Forge J-Body Bash Pre-Meet.
I am the one on the far right.

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