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1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Our lease ran out on our van so we decided that instead of spending a fortune on another van, we would save some cash and lease a mid-sized car, which was all we need anymore.  I was all about getting the GT model and almost had my mom talked into buying it, but we settled on the SE2 model which only has the Ram Air, dual exhaust dumps, suspension upgrade, and sunroof options left off.  Don't let this baby fool you, it'll pull anything it comes up against.  I think I calculated 0 - 60 in 8 seconds, and it would be faster except it peels out HARD off the line (even with the traction control system).

It comes with a system from the factory, and it sucks because the factory system in this puts the $1800 system in my Sunbird to shame. All it has are 2 6x9 sub/mids in the rear deck, but they really put out!  It has both a tape deck and a CD player, which might come in handy. 

Some specs:
Engine = 3.4 Liter V-6  3400 SFI = 170 horses
Keyless entry
Stereo = Delco ETR AM/ FM stereo with compact disc player, auto-reverse cassette, 7- band graphic equalizer
              High - performance 6 - speaker sound system with high-mounted tweeters and subwoofer
Wheels = 15" cast aluminum 5-spoke directionals

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