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Let Me Explain

I am not arrogant, I am completely the opposite. I have a bit of an inferiority complex. But I know what I like and what I hate. And there are certain cars that make me mad when I see them. They are low riders. Not all low riders illicit this, but when I see one that is obviously done haphazardly and without much thought, I get upset. Especially when it appears in a car show with a bunch its buddies and takes a trophy away from someone that has actually done work, simply because the owner got his friends to vote for him so he could win something. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

It just looks boring

This was probably a nice USEFUL truck, it has the potential to be a nice low rider, if the owner would do SOMETHING to it. It probably just has either lowering clips, or perhaps he cut the springs. Then he bought new wheels (or in some cases they don't buy wheels) and BAM! he's at a show.  He has probably done as much work on it as I have on my Sunbird, and you don't see me showing it.
Don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that one has to spend a fortune to have a nice car, I'm a fine example of otherwise, but if you are going to make an investment in a car (which a bad idea in general) you want to make it look unique and interesting.

Here are some more examples that displease me.

Almost cool

This last one is actually very close to nice. But the least he could have done would have been to paint it. That's how it came from the factory.  It has potential, but needs something more. (yawn)

Now here are some that I can appreciate, it's obvious that the owner did more work than just cutting the springs and installing the most expensive stereo they could find.

Pretty nice      Decent

mmmm mini van

I have a thing for low rider mini-vans for some strange reason.

Under NO circumstances do I, nor will I ever, like the cars with the doughnut-like tires that stick out of the fenders. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:
Hmm, your wheels are too small...

MY opinion is that these wheels look very ugly.


Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the love that these people have for their rides, but I personally don't like low riders. The most common ones I see are the late '80s Mazda SE-5s with cut springs, primer, a loud stereo, and that's it, oh- except for the GIGANTIC mini-truck club sticker in the back window.  I am allowed to voice my opinions.

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