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Worthy of the title RAINBOW warrior

I have a decal of this on Bri's Brd


I am happier than ever when his car looks like this

The El Gordo Hate Page

I am a proud member of N.F.A.J.G. and I hope you too will become one.
These pictures can be found on the N.F.A.J.G. page. You can visit the site by clicking on one of the many icons. Join! There is all kinds of great anti-Gordon stuff there, so check it out.

El gordo= the fat (guy) I dislike Jeff Gordon more than anyone in the world right now. It is this huge contemptment that has prompted me to force this hatred upon you. The happiest you will ever see me during a NASCAR race is when something bad happens to him. I am not alone in this anti-Gordon kick as you can see from my pictures. I hope that some day, you too will hate him as much as me. If you want to know why I hate him, I'll be honest, he wins too much. (Dale Jarret comes close sometimes as well.) It's no fun to watch a race for three hours and see the same guy win all the time. I also don't like him because he never had to work to become a champion. He was a contender right out of the box because he got with a rich team and the best equipment as soon as he came onto the scene. Everyone else had to struggle to get to where they are, he was just handed a team and car which I think any driver could win with. Okay, that's all I'll say.

I have never been so happy as when I took this picture!

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