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Thanks for wiping your cursor.

Here's some of the new stuff I've done lately.


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about my site

are you checking me out?!
This is where I am hiding.

This car rips!

              We all have our reasons.
              Even me.

My Automobiles and other
Methods of Transportation

7AM the day before the project is due...  ARGH!!
Careful, I might just
capture your soul.

Pictures of my friends.
The Photo Album;
muy bien gracias!!

bet you're listening to music right now

If some moistened bint lobbed a semitar at me...

There's no reason, but it's lasted thousands of years and we can't live without it.  Music

the irony is that I DID spell it out for you!
Do I need to spell it out for you?

...what?  Just click on it!

warning, anything you click on here will take you away from my site!
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but they are pretty cool anyway.  Like children's smiles.

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