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Land Ark

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October 1st
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about my site
About Site

Ever wonder why people build web sites?  
Check out why I did...

Here is a little section 
that tells about me.
The mind behind the madness

A little about me
 About Me

My cars and the inspiration for this site
My Obsession

Most people who know me know that I like cars.
See if you agree with them.

These are the people that have put up with me 
over the last few years, 
my online photo album.

Pictures of my friends.
 Photo Album

Got women?

Maybe you haven't heard...
I'm a guy, 
therefore I like women.  
Check out who made 
"the list."

I like to listen to music, 
and I'll bet you do too. 
Wanna see what I like?  
Sure you do.

Music goes here

If some moistened bint lobbed a semitar at me...
Monty Python

Tune in for the 
greatest show in town!

So I was in this class, 
and I took pictures...
Look at them and be 

M A Z E D !

7AM the day before the project is due...  ARGH!!

It's just money and cars

To be honest, I can't really think of anything witty here. Basically 
I have quotes on this page.

This is probably the most worthless and useless page I have ever built...
check it out!!!

Here is some stuff I enjoy
  Stuff I Like

Nedstat Counter
Check out some of my friends pages and
a bunch of other crazy crap.

How would you like to win this
prestigious Win this lousy award! award?
Click on it to find out how.

A Completely Incomplete Site
Always Expanding

All material on these pages is sole property of Brian Kelliher unless otherwise noted
and may not be copied without written consent.
All rights reserved. Copyright 2000