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The Pics

Ain't it a beauty?

Can you see why I am so in love?

The Land Ark has been in my step-dad's family since 1972. In 1982 it was parked in my driveway and sat there until 1993 when I decided I wanted to fix it up instead of buying a cheap new car .

(I figured the best I could get for the money would be a Geo or some piece of junk like that)

It has been more than 10 years since I restored it and it is starting to show some age. The paint still looks great, but the motor needs some work and the interior needs to be updated.
I still need to replace the bumpers and I would like to get a suspension upgrade and new wheels.
Updates to follow... eventually...

The Story of the Land Ark


 It started out painted a hideous gold with a white roof. It was a total piece of crap, it had holes all the way through the sheet metal and around the windshield.  Rust was a big problem, but somehow the frame was spared, and after putting new plugs in it and buying a new battery it started right up.
It was taken to New Hampshire where my uncle promptly parked it in the mud to get it ready for the restoration. I thanked him profusely for that.
Once the summer finally came I went to New Hampshire and took it apart one piece at a time (it was very very time consuming), but before I got the chance to start putting it back together, I had to go home for school.
My uncle was nice enough to tease me with pictures of it after it was painted with the car cover on it so I couldn't see what it looked like. What a great guy!

The Day I Got It:

Finally, after six months, the whole process was finished. I was surprised by my mom waking me up and dragging me outside. I still remember how happy I was when I saw it for the first time. It is my baby, and I love it like a child 
(or more so).

Here are its specs:


  • 1982 Chevy 305 (from Monte Carlo)

  • Original 2 speed Powerglide Tranny

  • Excessive amount of chrome accessories:
    air cleaner, valve covers, alternator, 
    brake reservoir cover, header covers,
    power steering cap, oil fill cap


  • PPG: Dark Bright Teal (body)/ Warm Silver (top)

  • A ton of wax


(click to see a pic)

  • Custom made classic gray vinyl all around

  • Matching leather-wrapped Grant Banjo-style steering wheel


  • Kenwood tape deck

  • Kenwood (bass-blocked) 100-watt 6x9 speakers

  • Two twelve inch Olympian sub-woofers

  • 4 channel 400-watt Profile amplifier


  • 16 inch Boyd's polished called: "Fluted Sport"

  • Low profile BF Goodrich Sport T/A tires

  • Painted brake drums to match


  • Dual turbo exhaust

  • Smooth sides (no trim)

  • Fuzzy dice

As most will probably tell you, I am quite obsessed (and boy is it true) and I am NOT ready to sell, despite some offers. I openly admit to being anal-retentive when it comes to taking care of my baby. I treat the Land Ark better than myself most of the time...



Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all daisies with my baby, for instance the day I got it home I wrecked it, and then there was one year later, well, let's just say that my step-dad had a little problem and did this to it.  Regardless, it's fine now, and runs like a top.


Here I am driving in the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival Parade in
May of 2000.  It wasn't too hot so my baby made it just fine.


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