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The Index

A while ago, namely when I was at Lynchburg College in Virginia, I had a lot of time on my hands.  So one day I decided to make this <tahdah noise> a page that has a list of every page on my site.  Well, my patience is less now, so I am not listing each individual page, but as long as it makes sense, it works.  So, here you go, if this helps I'm glad, though I didn't think it was too tough in the first place.  It is in alphabetical order - more or less...

The Land Ark Homepage Index

About this Site Learn about why I built this site and what it's about.

Tribute to Beck Pics, how he's influenced me, and lyrics to "Loser."

Bio Page See a pic of me, read all about me, and see what I like and don't like
(in other words - this page is about me)

Bri's Brd See Bri's Brd and my passengers.

Tribute to Dale Earnhardt  

My Friends' Pages You can check out my friends' pages and some other cool pages.

The Land Ark See the Land Ark in all its glory and read what went into it.

The Max See The Max and all it's been through.

Tribute to Monty Python An explanation of why I am who I am.

MP3 and CD Page Has two choices, I think you can figure out what they are.

Nice New Cars Newer cars that I would buy.

The New Radicals Some info on the New Radicals, a great band that I felt needed some press.

Photography This page is dedicated to the photos I took in my photography class at Lynchburg.

My Photo Album  Pictures of my friends, family, and hall mates through the years. 

Quotes and Thoughts There are some of my weird thoughts and a bunch of cool quotes here.

Tablature A little. (One, Staring at the Sun, 1979, Wonderwall, and Glycerin)

Tribute to U2 The world's greatest band: My collection, lists and a few links.

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