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 I like stuff, and this is where you, the lucky viewer, can see some of the random stuff that I like.  Since there is isn't (usually) anywhere you can find this stuff on my other pages, this is where it will be.  So, enjoy and thanks for wasting your time.

If you wanna know why it's here, or what it is, mouse over it...

GM produced all the cars I own, and therefore is awesome.

Irish Pride!!!

Stewie from The Family Guy, WHY DON'T YOU BURN IN HELL!!

the pizza is okay, but THE DIPPING SAUCE!  Oh my!  Yum!

The Simpsons are life, WOO HOO!

This is my 'stupid watch.'  But I love it, it is the greatest ever.

Cartman, possibly one of the best characters of any show ever


From Dilbert: Wally.  AKA: me


Eventhough it crashes so often


Boyd Coddington made my wheels on the Land Ark

mmmmmmmmm, double stuf



The renaissance of comedy began with the Kids in the Hall



The Lackawanna Valley by George Inness my favorite painting thanks to Stallings

This is where I get all my mp3s

I usually don't like advertising for clothing companies, but I love Quiksilver

The best cartoon from my childhood, still funny

M.C. Escher, enough said.

This is my Fender Stratocaster, one of my lesser babies  

drool: soft baked cookies... mmmm

Being born in New England, I think there is a law stating that I must like the Pats



One of three things I drink: fruit punch

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