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Music: One Love, One Life


I went to see U2 play last on October 19th, 2001 in Baltimore and it even topped the first time I saw them.  They are the best band in the world as far as I'm concerned. You can find more U2 on the tab page and 
The U2 page this one...

Soy un perditor ...
Two turn tables and a microphone.
Two turn tables and a microphone...

They were too big

for themselves:

If you want to know 
what I listen to, 
go here:


I like to play the guitar and here is some more about that, namely some places to find some tab.

A Little Guitar Tab
Written by me...  a VERY little.

This is where I get all my tab that I don't write myself.
  The Tabworld
So you know it's probably right.


Since I know you care:
Here are some of the bands that I currently actively support:
***NOTE: these are the bands' official homepages.***
U2 Radiohead
Ash Muse
Garbage The Doves
Interpol Starsailor
Soulwax Placebo
VAST The Stills

These guys came through for me, bigger than I expected.
And thanks for the movie tickets!

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