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U2: The Greatest Band in the World

U2 is one of, if not, the greatest band in the world. They are never what you expect, but they leave you wanting more, always! And with the latest album, they are yet again proving they are very mobile.

On June 14th and 15th the Elevation Tour came to the MCI Center in Washington DC.
I was there for both shows and I have to say they were incredible.   The two shows topped the POPMart show easily.  I was behind the stage on the 14th and it was still awesome.  On the 15th the people behind me wouldn't stand up - if you sit down during a concert, you are not a fan and you should not get pissed off at people
who don't sit down.  Don't be a poseur.  Other than that, it was spectacular as well.

There are so many U2 pages out there, there isn't much left to be said...
I know, I'll list the albums I have:
Albums: Singles / Remixes: Bootlegs / Videos / Misc:

Under A Blood Red Sky
The Unforgetable Fire
Wide Awake In America
The Joshua Tree
Rattle and Hum
Auctung Baby
Original Soundtracks 1
The Best of 1980-1990/
with The B-Sides
All That You Can't Leave Behind

Mysterious Ways
Even Better Than the Real Thing
Who's Gonna Ride 
Your Wild Horses?
Staring At the Sun
Staring At the Sun
Last Night on Earth

Acoustic TV

POPMart Tour - Washington DC May 26, 1997

Batman Forever (Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me)

ZooTV Sydney (x2)


Rattle and Hum

And now in the interest of filling this page out a little:

My Top 10 List of U2 Songs in My Rotation!

1. One
2. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me (remix)
3. Beautiful Day
4. New Year's Day
5. Mysterious Ways
6. Even Better Than the Real Thing
7. Rejoice
8. Zooropa
9. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10. Pride
They have left little behind

Hey! Would you like to see your favorite U2 song listed here? E-mail it to me! I know no one will actually do this because no one cares enough to do anything I ask on this page. But if you do, I will post them. Oh well, whatever.

Here are some people's favorites

U2 from the days of October
"Hmm, hey Edge, I like your hand on the railing there, do you think
you could put your other hand on your chin?  Perfect!
That looks completely natural!  I wouldn't want this to look posed

Leslie Archibald One
Natalie Buckingham Mysterious Ways
Heidi Cox Sweetest Thing
Burke Green Gloria
Linda Harper One
Megan Horrigan Sunday Bloody Sunday
Scott Jackson Mysterious Ways
Patti Kelliher With or Without You
Peter O'Malley One
Debbie Picard The Unforgetable Fire
Sean Rucker With or Without You
Maffew Schroeder Love is Blindness
Olivia Schroeder Who's Gonna Ride
Your Wild Horses?
Natalie Sibbald Numb
Lauren Smith With or Without You


They are: Bono (Paul Hewson)
Adam Clayton (bassist)
Edge (Dave Evans)
Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer)

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