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This is my tribute to those six gentlemen who have changed my life. I would try to impress you with my ability to repeat every line from The Holy Grail but most people wouldn't read it so I won't bother. Through my many years of being a fan, I have been blessed with the ability to have seen every episode of the TV show and every movie they put out (including Jabberwocky).  Unfortunately Comedy Central stopped airing their shows a number of years ago now, so I am left with my memories and what I can rent from Blockbuster.

Some of my favorite sketches are:

"The Hungarian Phrase Book"
"Upperclass Twit of the Year"
"Interesting People"
"The Election Special"
"Joke Warfare"
And any sketch involving Mr. Gumby(s)
The Upper Class Twit of the Year Contest

John Cleese

John Cleese at his finest I also like all sketches/TV shows/movies involving John Cleese. He is one of my idols. I wrote my college admissions essay about him: "Name a famous person whom you admire." Because of this essay I was accepted through early admissions.  He has dozens of credits to his name, another fine production of his was Faulty Towers - a sit com about a couple who owned a private hotel.


Ecki ecki ecki ecki
pitang zoop boing
<trails off> ni
I read the book entitled The First 200 [last '0' crossed out] Years of Monty Python which gave me wonderful insight into the world of Monty Python as a whole.  It has episode guides, some scripts, and other interesting bits about the cast and crew.  I recommend you read it too.

And Now For Some Quotes:

Do you waaaant, do you waaaaaant to go back to my place, bouncy-bouncy?
-from the Hungarian Phrasebook sketch
And, uh, get the machine that goes PING!
-from The Meaning of Life
He can leap aboot... he's got teeth like... LOOK AT THE BOOOONES!
-from The Holy Grail
Uh, hey, I've got a great idea, why doesn't Lancelot go?
-from The Holy Grail
Splunge, it doesn't mean yes and it doesn't mean no, and I'm not being indecisive.
-from the Splunge sketch

'Good idea o' Lord!'  'Course it's a good idea!'


Some More Completely Different Things

PythOnline: The official Python site
Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site
: Just what it says
Monty Python's Daily Llama: Another site Python
It's Monty Python's Flying Circus: Mostly episode stuff
PythoNET.orG: And still more!

That's it.  Now go away or I'll taunt you a second time.

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